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Biological Terrrain Chart for the Respiratory System

Here's another one of our biological terrain charts. This one is for the respiratory system. You can download a pdf version of the chart at the end of the article.

Para-Cleanse with Paw Paw

Para-Cleanse is a packaged program for removing intestinal parasites. It is convenient, easy to use, and effective for many types of parasites and intestinal microbes. Parasites are a far more common problem in North America than most people think. They can be picked up from contaminated water, improperly prepared food and pets. It has been estimated that at least 20% and perhaps as high as 80-90% of the population have at least one form of parasite in their body.

Super ORAC

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is a measurement of the ability of a substance to neutralize free radicals. Super ORAC is a blend of herbal extracts and nutrients with a high ORAC value. It can be taken to protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress.

Curcumin BP

Turmeric root and powder

Curcumin is a pigment from the Indian spice, turmeric, which gives curry its yellow color. Turmeric has been used as both food and medicine in Asia for thousands of years. Recent research has made the herb increasingly popular in Western herbalism as an anti-inflammatory remedy for conditions like arthritis and as a remedy for digestive and liver problems. CurcuminBP is a formula that blends a standardized extract of curcumin from turmeric and black pepper.

An Important Key to Good Health

Herbalists have long recognized that a properly functioning digestive tract is central to good health, which is why many herbal programs focus on cleansing and strengthening the digestive system. Modern medical science is increasingly validating the fact that numerous health problems arise from poor digestive function. In addition, the research is also changing what herbalists understand about what goes wrong with the digestive tract and how to fix it. In this article, I explore the interrelated problems of intestinal inflammation, leaky gut and dysbiosis (or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.


Overgrowth of candida and other yeasts and fungi causes intestinal irritation and weakens the body’s immune system. Caprylimmune was formulated by Dr. Jack Ritchason to fight yeast infections and rebuild the immune system. It works not only on yeast overgrowth, but also on bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract. It reduces GI tract inflamation and promotes a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.

Emotional Anatomy Webinar

Twenty-five years ago, I was guided to begin working with people emotionally as well as physically. Based on the work of my friend Roylon Mortensen and traditional energetic systems from herbal medicine, I developed an emotional "map" to guide me in helping identify people's emotional issues. This map has helped me to isolate people's emotional wounds and start working on them within minutes. I've had many people tell me that they got further with me in one hour than they did in a full year of counseling. The Emotional Anatomy class consists of seven sessions going into greater detail about the various types of emotional wounds and tools you can use to help people heal from them. It also includes a free preview class thatexplains the entire emotional map I use and my understanding of emotional wounds and how they heal. The links to view it are below:

Implementing NSP's New Programs into Your Herbal Practice

At the Convention in Cancun, NSP unveiled their Brilliant Body, Brilliant Business program - a systematic approach to their product line and marketing.  This webinar will introduce the core products and discuss how the new Brilliant Body Packs integrate with the LIfestyle Analysis and how herbal practitioners can adopt these concepts into their business.

Module One - Herbs for the Immune System

The first module of our Advanced Herbal Training program is an in-depth look at herbs for the immune system.  We cover antibacterial agents, antifungal agents, antiviral agents, immune boosters and balancers and herbs for fighting cancer.  The class will soon be available as a correspondence course.  Open this article for more information, including a list of all the herbs we discuss in this module. 

The Herbs of Christmas

There are many herbs and medicinal plants associated with Christmas.  In this webinar, Steven Horne and Thomas Easley discuss the uses of frankincense, myrrh, mistletoe, holly, ivy, pine, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate.