Flower Essences: Lighting the Way to Health and Happiness


This was a free webinar on using flower essences to help people deal with the anxiety, fear, grief, anger and depression brought on by current events, such as the economy, environmental disasters like the gulf oil spill and the other "bad news" we seem to be constantly receiving in the media.  This program is presented by Steven Horne and Isadora Tavens.

The webinar was held twice and both recordings have been posted because there were a lot of great questions asked on both sessions.

If you don't see windows below to view the webinars, you can also watch them by right clicking on the following links to download them to your computer.  They are large files, so they may take a while to download.

Download the Early Session Here

Download the Late Session Here

You can download handouts for this webinar by right clicking one of the links below.

Color handouts - three slides per page with space for notes

Black and white handouts - six slides per page

To register for the paid webinar Flower Essences for the Three Phases of Life click here.