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2009 Nature's Field Issues

About Nature's Field

In 1986 we produced our first issue of Nature’s Field to provide a credible source of third-party information on NSP's high quality line of herbs and nutritional supplements. Since that time, top NSP Managers have relied on Nature's Field for up-to-date information on NSP's products and natural health information.

In June of 2003 we transformed Nature’s Field into an E-zine, an electronically delivered magazine. This change allows us to use color illustrations and photographs, provide more up-to-date information and otherwise improve our content without increasing our subscription rate.

This journal is a must for anyone who uses or sells NSP products! In addition to its wealth of product information, it includes new product handouts, answers to clinical questions, articles on specific health problems and supplements, information on iridology and other health assessment techniques. Nature’s Field keeps you up-to-date on all Tree of Light class schedules.

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