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Tree of Light: Courses for Nature's Sunshine Products

Live Classes

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The following classes are only available through live instruction.

Biochemical Blood Analysis

Biochemical Blood Analysis

This advanced course teaches the valuable tool of interpreting laboratory blood tests. This process teaches you understand glandular imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and the root causes of disease. Determine excess or weakened conditions and when to cleanse or build. Correlate the body’s functions with blood findings to determine the appropriate selection of herbs or supplements. This class will also cover metabolic body typing based on blood test results to determine nutritional needs for each individual. This course offers a complete system for client evaluation with proven results. Enhance your credibility with clients and improve your clinical

This class is taught on-site by Kimberly Balas. It may become available as one of our CPH courses. Call 888-707-4372 to schedule classes or see our current class schedule.

CLEAR (Cellular Level Emotional Access and Release)

Research shows that just pretending to be sad or happy can, respectively, lower or stimulate one’s immune system. So it should be obvious that negative emotions held for long periods of time can be very unhealthy. Good nutrition and supplementation can do a lot for the health of the body, but true health means addressing issues of the mind and spirit also. CLEAR is a carefully researched neuroemotional repatterning process using muscle testing, aromatherapy, breathing techniques and positive affirmations to allow you to achieve freedom from negative thought patterns and emotions which may be impeding your healing process. Learn to use essential oils to increase your results with herbs with this process. This class will give you all the information and hands-on practice to become a qualified CLEAR practitioner. Adding this powerful, easy-to-use technique can really help you make a complete difference in someone’s healing.

This class is taught on-site by Kimberly Balas. It may become available as one of our CPH courses. Call 888-707-4372 to schedule classes or see our current class schedule.

Emotional Anatomy

How our emotions affect our health and what to do about it

The various organs and glands in our body don’t just have physical functions—they also have emotional functions. The health of our physical glands and organs affects our emotional health, and our unresolved emotional issues impact the health of our glands and organs.
In this class, you’ll learn a powerful system of Emotional Anatomy that will help you understand the connections between physical health problems and emotional issues. You’ll discover that there are twelve emotional energy centers in the body, each of which has a range of emotional expressions from an overexpression to an underexpression of that emotion.
For example, the liver deals with the will to survive. Expressed in a balanced fashion it creates determination, personal power, and the ability to defend oneself. In excess, this emotional energy expresses as rage, irritability, excessive anger, and hatred. The lack of this liver-driven emotion results in feeling discouraged, defeated, depressed, and even suicidal.
This is just one of twelve major emotional centers that will be discussed in this course. You’ll also learn how to use a wide variety of techniques to balance and heal your emotional issues—including a unique “question affirmation” system that rapidly helps you reprogram your emotional responses. You’ll also learn about flower remedies, aromatherapy, herbs, exercises, and sounds that can aid your healing process.
Understand yourself and others better, improve your own health and wellbeing, and learn how to help others by attending this powerful course.

This course is taught on-site by Steven Horne. It may become available as one of our CPH courses. Call 888-707-4372 to schedule classes or see our current class schedule.


Herb Walk

Most summers Steven Horne offers an herb walk. The class includes basic instruction in Field Botany and plant identification, plus information on the “doctrine of signatures” or how to understand what a plant is for, based on its shape, structure, color, smell, taste, growth pattern and habitat. You’ll even have the opportunity to sit with a plant and learn how to “talk” with it and let the plant instruct you about its uses. The herb walk is Steven’s favorite class, and we promise you’ll go away with an new appreciation for and understanding of our valuable plant allies.

This course is taught on-site by Steven Horne and can be used for credit with our CHC program.

Activating the Healing Response: Solving Nervous and Glandular Problems

In our high-stress society we see an increasing number of health imbalances involving the nerves and the glands: anxiety, depression, ADHD, PMS, menopause, adrenal burn-out, thyroid problems and more. In this special class you’ll learn about the chemical messengers released by the nervous and glandular system that regulate thought, mood, growth, reproduction, and a host of other body functions. More importantly, you’ll discover practical ways to use diet, herbs, nutritional supplements and other natural means to resolve a wide variety of health problems related to the nerves and glands.
You’ll discover how the foods you eat affect your mood, sleep patterns, food cravings, and more. You’ll discover ways to reduce stress, anxiety, tension, and elevate mood without the use of drugs or medications of any kind.

This course is taught on-site by Steven Horne and can be used for credit with our NHC program.

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