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Strategies for Health Early Supporter Edition
Strategies for Health Early Supporter Edition

Strategies for Health is included in the Strategies for Health Consulting Class Bundle for $225.

Steven Horne’s Strategies for Health is a new book which replaces both the Comprehensive Guide and Modern Herbal Medicine. It references 236 formula categories, similar to the way Modern Herbal Medicine classified formulas. These can be linked to 231 NSP combinations and 56 other formulas, many of which are do-it-yourself recipes similar to those found in the book Modern Herbal Dispensatory, which Steven co-authored. We’ve only listed the key ingredients in these formulas because this allows you to look for additional formulas containing similar key ingredients if you need to do so.

The book is a great reference for herbalists and natural healers in general, because it references 311 single herbs and 48 single essential oils. It also includes information on the uses of 116 nutritional supplements, including CBD, berberine, curcumin, 14 vitamins, 16 minerals, 17 amino acids and 8 fatty acids.

All of the remedies are linked to the nearly 500 different health problems discussed in this new book. Many of these conditions were not found in The Comprehensive Guide or Modern Herbal Medicine and many others have updated profiles with the latest information on working with those disorders. For all major disorders the book recommends a holistic approach to recovery that includes diet, lifestyle and basic healing therapies.

The book outlines a general four-step strategy for healing from disease and also includes 53 specific strategies that are linked to various conditions. These include basic lifestyle issues such as hydration, sleep and exercise; mind/body therapies such as counseling, meditation, affirmation, visualization and forgiveness; special diets such as the ketogenic diet, gluten-free diet and gut healing diet; and detoxification therapies such as fasting, oral chelation, colon cleansing and sweat baths. Instructions are also found on making poultices, using essential oils and flower essences and reducing electromagnetic exposure.



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