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2. The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing
2. The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing

New-ABC+D-Logo.gifThis course offers a unique approach to restoring and maintaining health. It explains how to Activate the healing response, Build the body with good nutrition, Cleanse the body and environment to get rid of toxins and provide Direct Aid to balance the biological terrain in weak body systems. The ABCs of this system are covered in detail in the Fundamentals of Natural Healing course, while this course focuses more on the +D or direct aid part of this process.

I'm the author, Steven Horne, and for more than twenty years I've been providing quality herbal education and holistic healthcare certification. There are hundreds of illnesses and a dizzying array of nutritional supplements to chose from, so the challenge of learning how to select the right herbal remedies and nutritional supplements for each person can seem overwhelming.  To further complicate matters, it is illegal in most states for herbalists and natural healers to diagnose diseases and prescribe treatments for them. These factors can become huge obstacles for people who want to help others with their health problems.

Fortunately, I learned an easier, simpler way of recommending herbs and supplements for healing from my first herb teacher, Master Herbalist Edward Milo Millet. Ed called his system the ABC+D approach. Instead of diagnosing diseases and recommending remedies for them, the ABC+D Approach is based on the fact that all diseases have underlying causes.  By removing these causes, we can help the body heal itself, completely bypassing the need to diagnose and prescribe.

Class Outline

The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing will be taught via ten webinars, plus online instructional materials and a 210-page course manual. Here are the lessons in this class.

Lesson 1. ABC+D Approach Overview

This lesson gives an overview of the entire ABC+D system, explaining exactly what it means to Activate, Build, Cleanse and provide Direct Aid. We'll also review the six imbalances in biological terrain discussed in Seven Keys to Effective Natural Healing.

Lesson 2. Digestive System

This session covers the basic structure and function of the digestive system, explaining the how various enzymes and digestive secretions break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It also covers major health problems involving the digestive system, such as indigestion, the hiatal hernia, GERD and ulcers. Herbs, nutritional supplements, emotional remedies and lifestyle changes that improve digestion will be discussed.

Lesson 3. Intestinal System

This session covers the basic structure and function of the intestinal system and major health problems involving the intestinal system, including diarrhea, constipation, parasites and inflammation. Remedies for emotional issues that affect the intestinal system, as well as lifestyle changes, herbs and nutritional supplements to correct various imbalances in that system are also discussed.

Lesson 4. Hepatic System

This lesson covers the basic structure and function of the hepatic system (liver and gallbladder), including a discussion of the process of liver detoxification, as well major health problems involving the hepatic system, such as hepatitis, gall stones and liver stagnation. Emotional issues associated with the liver are discussed as well as herbs, nutritional supplements and other remedies that restore health to the liver and gallbladder.

Lesson 5. Respiratory System

This lesson covers the basic structure and function of the respiratory system and major health problems involving respiration, such as respiratory allergies, congestion and asthma. Emotional links to respiratory ailments are covered along with remedies that correct the various imbalances with the respiratory system.

Lesson 6. Immune System

This lesson explains how our immune system functions, including discussing the difference between innate and adaptive immunity. It discusses how to build the immune system with positive emotions, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. It also explains how to select remedies for bacterial, viral or fungal infection based on tissue state and also introduces the basics of dealing with autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Lesson 7. Nervous System

This lesson covers the structure and function of the nervous system, including the brain, central nerves and the parasympatheic and sympathetic nervous system. It covers major nervous system imbalances and herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes that can correct them, as well as remedies for pain relief, sleep, memory, depression, nerve damage, tics and spasms and attention deficient problems.

Lesson 8. Circulatory System

This lesson covers the structure and function of the circulatory system and major circulatory health problems such as high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and heart disease. It explains why cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and what the real causes are. The importance of emotions to heart health is discussed, along with diet and lifestyle changes to support heart health. Herbs and nutritional supplements to correct specific imbalances in the cardiovascular system are also discussed.

Lesson 9. Glandular System

This lesson covers the major glands in the body, the hormones they secrete and their functions. It provides ideas for activators and builders for each major gland as well as specific remedies for overactive and underactive thyroid, adrenals and pancreas. It also covers the reproductive glands and specific issues for women (like PMS, pregnancy and menopause) and men (prostate problems and erectile dysfunction).

Lesson 10. Urinary & Structural Systems

This final lesson covers the structure and function of two systems, the urinary system and the structural systems (bones, muscles, skin and connective tissues). Major problems and remedies are discussed for each of these systems.

About this Course

Required For: Family Herbalist Certification (FHC) and the Certified Herbal Consultant (CHC). Completion of the previous correspondence course The ABC+D Approach to Natural Health Consulting meets this requirement for certification.

Prerequisites: None, but we recommend taking Fundamentals of Natural Healing first.

Webinar: All classes are recorded and posted online. 

Course Hours: Ten 1-1/2-hour webinars with about 25 hours of online activities and homework for a total of about 40 hours of study. It includes a 210-page course manual.

Course Fee: $247 for early registration, $277 for late registration. $50 discount for members of the herbiverse.

Registration for this class will open October 20, 2014.


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