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Sunshine Sharing
The Ultimate Business-Building Tool

Important Program Changes

For the beginning of 2006 we're implementing some major changes to the way Sunshine Sharing and Nature's Field...

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How do you provide a quality newsletter to inform your clients and help your successline grow and still have time to focus on your business? Let Sunshine Sharing do this important task for you! Sunshine Sharing is published every month as an informative, educational newsletter. This newsletter also satisfies the requirement for the NSP Recognition Awards program.

Published every month since 1990, Sunshine Sharing is the answer to your newsletter needs! Each issue of Sunshine Sharing features NSP herbs, vitamins, minerals and other supplements. Many issues deal with specific health problems, some with specific herbs, and others with fun or unusual health-related topics. Whatever the subject, each volume has been carefully researched and professionally written with your audience in mind. This quality publication allows you just to stamp your name, address and phone number in the space provided and mail or hand them out. Through Sunshine Sharing your customers learn how to use Nature’s Sunshine Products and improve their health.

Numerous successful NSP Managers use Sunshine Sharing as a business-building tool. Direct increase of sales from products listed each month in Sunshine Sharing has been reported from Managers throughout the field. For your convenience, an order form for products covered in each issue is provided to copy and include with each newsletter. This is a proven method of increasing product orders.

For added personalization, insert your own informational flyers on classes, specials, etc. This increases your advertising and business-building benefits.

Sunshine Sharing is a four-page newsletter, sold in bulk, packaged in bundles of 25 copies each. The minimum order is 50 copies (two bundles). Quantity discounts apply—the more copies you purchase, the lower the price, making this an affordable tool for everyone. The most cost-effective form of advertising you can use!

Order Information

To Order Sunshine Sharing please call 1-800-416-2887

Upcoming Themes

Sunshine Sharing Topic Month Sign-Up Date
Emotional Balance November November, 14th
Healthy Aging December December, 14th
Healing the Gastrointestinal Tract October October, 14th

Past Sunshine Sharing Topics

If you are curious about the topics we have covered over the last year here is the list.

January 2004 — Addictions
February 2004 — Bacterial Infections
March 2004 — Acid Indigestion
April 2004 — Growth Hormones
May 2004 — Signs of Stress
June 2004 — Greens
July 2004 — Sugar Substitutes
Aug 2004 — The Basic Plan
Sept 2004 — Cholesterol
Oct 2004 — Flu & Flu Shots
Nov 2004 — Nature's Fresh
Dec 2004 — Home Spa


Topic Ships By
Thyroid Problems November 25
Flu Remedies December 25
Menopause & Andropause January 25
Natural Pain Relief February 25
Weight Loss March 25
Arthritis April 25
Herbs as Emotional Remedies May 25
Heart Disease June 25
Essential Fatty Acids July 25
Drink Your Way to Good Health August 25
Hemorrhoids & Colon September 25
Liver October 25

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