Corticosteroid drugs are often used to ease pain in conditions involving chronic inflammation such as asthma, autoimmune disorders and arthritis. These drugs mimic the adrenal hormone cortisol, which reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

In my experience, most people with these disorders show signs of exhausted adrenals and benefit greatly by improving adrenal function. For this reason, Adrenal Support can be a great remedy for chronic pain. It isn’t going to immediately “numb” one’s pain, but it will slowly and cummulatively help to reduce the inflammation that is causing it.

Licorice root and yucca are also remedies which ease pain by supporting the adrenals and reducing chronic inflammation. Often you can wean people off of dangerous corticosteroid drugs by rebuilding their adrenals with Adrenal Support and using licorice root or yucca as natural steroidal medications instead.

Considering the numerous side effects caused by corticosteriod drugs, it makes much more sense to rebuild your adrenals and make your own natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Generally, you can start the supplements while the person is taking the drugs and allow them to gradually decrease the amount of the drug they take.