by Steven Horne

As we’ll discuss in next week’s Nature’s Field, most pain is due to inflammation. Therefore, something that relieves inflammation is going to help ease pain and promote healing at the same time.

IF Relief is a great pain reliever for all kinds of inflammation-related pain. My first experience with it was taking it after I had a tooth pulled. I took two IF Relief every two hours at first, gradually lowering the dose to two capsules three times daily. I didn’t need anything else.

I’ve also used IF Relief to ease inflammation associated with allergies. I get a dust-related allergy when I work in my garden and I use a combination of high doses of Vitamin C, Hista-Block and IF Relief to relieve the suffering.

I recommend NSP’s IF Relief to anyone suffering pain from acute injuries or surgery. In fact, I like it so much that I now consider it an essential component of my home first aid supplies.