by Steven Horne, RH(AHG)

My first year in college I took a class in religious philosophy. One of the topics we discussed is called the theological problem of suffering. Basically, the question this problem asks is “How can an all-loving and all-powerful God allow suffering in the world?” It was interesting to hear how people through the ages have debated this question and I’ve thought about it a lot since, especially in my work as a natural healer.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to engage in a philosophical or religious debate about the issue of suffering. I just want to introduce our topic for the month of April, which is relieving pain, because however suffering came to be, pain is a reality in the world we live in. All of us have experienced it and are going to experience it again.

Some pain and suffering is unavoidable, but much of it can be prevented when we are willing to learn from our pain. In the beginning of my Dr. Mom-Dr. Dad course, I discuss how pain (and pleasure) can teach us to take better care of ourselves. You can learn more about this approach to pain by reading Just Say No to Drugs at

The idea that pain is a teacher is not original with me. In fact, it was crystalized in my mind by a poem introduced to me by a fellow lover of poetry, Earnest Endeavor. I met Earnest at an NSP Manager school in the 1980s. He was an elderly man, but vibrant and energetic. Like me, he loved to recite poems, and one that he recited for me was “I Am Pain” by C.J. Buell. You can read it below.

As we explore different strategies for easing pain this month, let’s keep in mind that pain is usually a warning that we have somehow violated the laws of nature, either physically or emotionally. If we start to look for the cause of our pain, instead of just treating its effects, pain can actually motivate us to lead a healthier life and lead us to greater happiness.

In the next four weekly issues of Nature’s Field we’ll cover some basic strategies for relieving pain naturally without resorting to pain-killing drugs. These strategies are:

  • Pain is a Lack of Oxygen
  • Heal Inflammation to Relieve Pain
  • Relax Your Way to Pain Relief

We’re also hosting a special webinar on herbs and supplements for relieving pain.

As we learn more about relieving pain, let’s keep in mind that the best way to relieve pain is to learn to stop doing the things that damage our body and our soul. As the poem below suggests, the best way to ease pain is to learn from it.