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Tree of Light Quizzes and Health Assessments

The following quizzes and health assessments can help you find out where you need to improve your health and what supplements are available to help you.

Vitamin Analysis

As part of Picking the Right Nutritional Supplement with Dr. Kimberely Balas and Steven Horne we are posting this quiz as an additional supplement

Vitamins are organic compounds required by living organisms as vital nutrients. They perform many important functions in the body including: hormone-like functions; cell and tissue growth regulators; antioxidants and metabolic catalysts. Deficiencies in various vitamins may be at the root of common health problems.

Take this quiz to see what vitamins you may need.

The Heart's Key Emotional Health Assessment

Take this emotional health assessment to find out which of six flower essence remedies is right for you.

Take the emotional health assessment

What is Your Chinese Constitutional Type?

Take this quiz and find out what Chinese elements you are excess and deficient in.

Take the Chinese constitutional type quiz

Body System's Questionnaire

Take the body system's questionnaire to find out which body systems need improvement and what products are available to help improve the function of those body systems.

Take body system's questionnaire to find out what body systems you can improve

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