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What is Your Chinese Constitutional Type?

In traditional Chinese medicine there are the concepts of yin and yang and chi. There are also five chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water in addition to the concepts of . This quiz is designed to determine which areas you are excess or deficient in and whether your chi is sagging or deficient.

Instructions:To take this chinese constitutional quiz read each of the conditions and select the option that best applies to you. If you've never experienced the condition select none. If you only experienced it in the past, or in a mild manner select mild. If it is a current problem, or has been a major problem in the past select moderate. Finally, if the condition is currently a problem and has been a problem in the past select severe.

Element Total Excess Total Deficient Total for Element
Wood 0 0 0
Fire 0 0 0
Earth 0 0 0
Metal 0 0 0
Water 0 0 0
Yang/Yin 0 0 0
Sagging/Deficient Qi 0 0 0
Grand Totals 0 0

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