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Tree of Light's

Certified Herbal Consultant Program

Tree of Light: Courses for Nature's Sunshine Products
The Certified Herbal Consultant Program Specific Certified Herbal Consultant Courses Schedule of Live Classes and Events

Tree of Light offers credible and unique educational programs that train people how to help others solve their health problems with herbs, supplements, lifestyle changes and other natural means. We offer both correspondence courses and live instruction by qualified teachers and natural health consultants.

Certified Herbal Consultant (CHC)

The Certified Herbal Consultant program features Tree of Light’s unique models that teaches you how to use herbs, supplements and other natural healing modalities in a systematic manner to obtain consistent and dependable results. The Certified Herbal Consultant program presents all of the core concepts and techniques associated with this system in a practical form that is easy to understand and apply. Certification is available by completing the eight core courses.

Education is key to understanding natural health, and with this package you can have the best. Become a Certified Herbal Consultant with the complete CHC program. It includes everything you need to earn your certificate.

Earning a certificate isn’t always enough to have a successful business. That is why we’ve included the NSP Business Building Coaching Call. Over the course of seven webinars Steven Horne will teach you how to build a successful business

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